Kandy, Sri Lanka, Professor Robert Flome presented to the Astrobiology Research Conference, evidence of a Space Alien exploring earth while communicating with two Pods. The video shows a large and very visible Alien in the form of a flying bacterium. The Alien looks like a bacteria and also behaves like one. In the video, the viewer can see the Space Alien hovering above the ground as it explores earth. The Alien demonstrates a high level of intelligence and has the ability to respond to the environment by changing direction.  

Flome calls his discovery, “The missing link to the Panspermia Theory." In the 1970's, Sir Fred Hoyt and Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe proposed a hypothesis where microbial bacteria from space came to earth and started life. The live bacteria were brought here by meteors, comets and asteroids. We now know that there's evidence of bacterial life in space. Dr Wickramasinghe has already proved it. So, the microbial bacteria in space came to earth and evolved into humans. But what about the microbes in space that have been around for billions of years. What became of them? This is the missing link. Some microbial bacteria have evolved into large macrobial bacteria. These large bacteria have become space explorers and one just came to visit us on earth. 

Many new discoveries about the Space Alien's behaviors can be found after watching the two minute video. At the beginning, the Alien is seen coming down from the sky. After the Alien finishes hovering above the ground, it starts flying up into the sky towards the left Pod. Suddenly, in midair, the Alien changes direction by shifting its body and then flies to the Pod on the right. After connecting with the Pod, a gaseous vapor trail producing a mechanical motion can be seen coming out from the Alien's rear as it heads towards space.

Professor Flome finds the behaviors of this large Space Alien to be extraordinary. He says, "Imagine a macrobial bacteria that flies, breaths oxygen, has a sense of direction, shows systematic behaviors and is carrying ancestral microbial genes." Flome believes that these extraterrestrials are here now and most likely have been here before.


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